Teen, Youth & Kids Fitness Programs

Functional Fitness Based workouts & youth fitness courses.
Designed for ages 5-15 with 2 levels of programming & athleticism.
Inspired by CrossFit methods and taught by Certified Instructors.

Lil'FIT (Ages 5-10)

45min sessions
Build cardio & endurance using plyo boxes, burpees & running.
Create good movement patterns and introduce strength training with dumbbells.
Some use of Rowers, Rings.

YouthFIT (Ages 11-15)

45min sessions
Enhance current conditioning levels & improve athletic performance
Squatting, Pressing and Pulling progressions and intro to Barbells
Rowers and Pullup bars introduced as skills.

CrossFit & Functional Fitness for Kids in Langley & Surrey BC

Our Kids and Youth Programs are run by certified trainers out of 2 locations, The Trainers Box in Surrey BC and CAMPUS CrossFit & Athletics in Langley BC


Our training methodology is based on the CrossFit methodology and core principles of:
Nutrition - lays the foundation for fitness
Metabolic Conditioning - build capacity across short, medium & long distances
Gymnastics -  range of motion & body control
Weightlifting - for strength & power

We teach Consistency + Technique, before Intensity.